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Cast iron ball valve installation highlights

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Good quality Cast Iron Butterfly Valve for sales
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Cast iron ball valve installation highlights

Cast iron ball valve installation highlights

Cast iron ball valve in the process of making soda ash, ammonia mother liquor II and carbon dioxide in the carbonation tower carbonation, the formation of NaHCO3 suspension, cold precipitation of the mother liquor stainless steel ball valve salt precipitation in the crystallizer continue to precipitate ammonium chloride slurry, salt The mother liquor after the analysis is subjected to heat exchange, ammonia absorption and clarification to obtain a qualified mother liquor II, which is sent to the process I. The crystal slurry precipitated during the cold precipitation and salting-out process is thickened, centrifuged, and dried to give the ammonium chloride product.
Both of these two production processes have long process flow in the production of soda ash and ammonium chloride. The temperature of the mother liquor in the system is relatively high. The composition of the stainless steel ball valve is complex. Not only ammonia and high chloride are contained, but the mother liquor after vacuum filtration is sent to the II process. ,Stainless steel ball valve cake is calcined after the calcined product; in the process of preparation of ammonium chloride, the mother liquor from the vacuum filter by ammonia absorption, heat exchange, precipitated in the cold crystallizer crystallized ammonium chloride slurry, and contains certain The amount of calcium, magnesium solids, especially in the environmental protection of waste emissions, equipment, piping, etc., corrosion, wear is extremely serious, equipment and other failures, frequent repairs. Therefore, it is very important to improve the anti-corrosion and wear-resistance performance of the equipment for the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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