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Soft sealing gate valve use method

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Soft sealing gate valve use method

1. The opening and closing direction of the soft sealing gate valve should be closed clockwise.
2. In order to facilitate a person's opening and closing operations, the maximum opening and closing moment should be 240N-m under the pressure condition of the pipeline.
3. Since the pneumatic valve in the pipe network is often manually opened and closed, the number of opening and closing rotations should not be too much, that is, the large-diameter valve should be within 200-600 rotations.
4. If the soft seal gate valve is buried deep and the distance between the operating mechanism and the display panel is ≥ 1.5m from the ground, an extended pole facility shall be provided, and it shall be fixed firmly so that people can observe and operate from the ground. In other words, the valves in the pipe network are opened and closed, so it is not suitable to go downhole.
5. The open and close operation end of the soft seal gate valve should be square and standardized in size and face the ground so that people can operate directly from the ground. Wheeled valves are not suitable for underground pipe networks.

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