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Manual Knife Gate Valve

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Good quality Cast Iron Butterfly Valve for sales
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Manual Knife Gate Valve

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Detailed Product Description

Nominal pressure: 0.6MPa,l.OMPa,1.6MPa, 2.5MPa,150Lb
Nominal diameter: Dri50〜1200mm MPS 2”〜48"
Suitable temperature: -38~ + 650°C(Range of temperature subject to the material of sealing and property of medium)
Connecting flange: AMSIBI6.5, QB/T9113,JB/T79,HG,Sh, JIS,DIN,NF,BS
Main materials: WCB,ZGlCrl8Mi9Ti,ZQlCr 18Nil2Mo2Ti, CF8,CF8M, CF3, CF3M
Seal type: stainless steel hard seal,Teflon soft seal
Leakage: stainless steel hard seal: Grade D ( LiquidO. 1XDN mm³/s)
Teflon soft seal: Grade A ( Zero Leakage ) Accessories:Flange


»> Product Overview
Stem type knife gate valve is a kind of type knife gate valve, opening drive in the process of closing of the valve stem and disc coaxial, opening and torque is small, easy to operate and effort, with light weight, simple structure, reliable sealing, long service life, the advantages of fiber can effectively cut off the medium, its sealing principle is closed by a gate to the bottom, ram oblique surface touching the cheese block on the valve body makes the sealing face close to the gate seal, and ram at the bottom of the inclined plane has the function of cutting medium choke valves are susceptible to sundry jam, or shave their sticky on the surface of the sealing, automatic removing debris, stainless steel gate to prevent seal leakage caused by corrosion. It can be used in papermaking, petroleum, chemical industry, ice, food and other industries.

»> Performance
Knife gate valve type disc by using the knife, it has good shearing action, the most suitable for charging, powder material, such as fiber is difficult to control the fluid flow, widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, water drainage, food and other industries. With multiple seats available, and can be operated on the basis of on-site control requirements, SB is equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize automatic operation of valve doors. The knife gate valve has a good shearing action due to the use of knife-type gate, which is suitable for the fluid which is difficult to control, such as slurry, powder, fiber and so on.


Manual Knife Gate Valve


»>Installation instructions and precautions
1, knife gate valve before installation must check valve cavity and seal face, a part of dirt or sand is not permitted in attachment
2, each bolt connection parts, require to tighten evenly.
3, check the packing pressure parts requirements, namely the packing sealing, to ensure the gate open and flexible.
4, users must before installing the valve, check valve, connected to the flow direction of medium size and note, ensure consistent with the valve requirements.
5, user when installing the valve, the valve must be set aside the necessary space driver installation.
6, drive the wiring installation should be carried out according to the circuit diagram.
7, knife gate valve must be regularly maintenance and may not arbitrarily collision and extrusion, in order to avoid affect the sealing.

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